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For every kaali-peel
For every kaali-peeli on city roads, there are 3 aggregator cabs now With the number of kaali-peelis dwindling over the years, they now account for just 22% of all taxis plying on Mumbai’s roads. It means that for every kaali-peeli in the Mumbai metropolitan region, there are three aggregator cabs. In the suburbs, it’s now increasingly rare to find and hail a running kaali-peeli; one has to go in search of a taxi stand to get one. According to sources in taxi unions, about 19, 000 kaali-peelis are on the roads now, a far cry from 63, 000 in 1997—there’s been a 70% reduction in the fleet in the last two decades. After 1997, there was a freeze in new permits for taxis, and by 2012, the number of taxis dropped to 38, 000. Since then, the number of kaali-peelis has been further falling drastically even as aggregator cabs started becoming popular due to their low fares and easy pick-up. Source: TOI, Mumbai: Somit Sen @times group
  • 2018-05-14T06:15:58

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