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How one can check availability of FANCY NUMBERS for new vehicle registration. MINISTRY OF ROAD TRANSPORT AND HIGHWAYS, Government of India, have made a single window portal, Parivahan, where all available choose number in any specific RTO can be accessed by general public. The Applicants will have to create their Login through public Login link for Reserving of Registration Mark of Choice/Fancy Number or they can check the available numbers online and book them in the nearest relevant Regional Transport Office. Below is the link: How to use it.... 1. Click on the above link, you will landed directly on fancy / choice number page. 2. ---Select State--- from the combo box 3. ---Select RTO--- from the combo box 4. AVAILABLE FANCY NUMBERS REPORT is generated. Visible to all. 5. It shows available fancy numbers from the current series for allocation with a approx price. This price may vary when you actually go for booking. Please make sure you choose correct class of your vehicle. Also note, Single digit numbers, numbers like 111, 222, 786, 4141, 8005, numbers with total 9 or 7, or numbers which are in very high demand, department keeps an auction for all such numbers. Who ever is the highest bidder will be awarded that number. One has to register for participating in any such auction. We as a Professional RTO Consultanting Company guides general public and corporates to get their wished choice numbers for their pride possessions.
  • 2018-03-20T10:47:52

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