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How To Clean Up Your
How To Clean Up Your Car After Holi - by Post a boisterous session of Holi , when car owners struggle at the thought of their prized possessions getting sprayed in holi colours. Let’s face it, not all colours are organic or dry and it can leave nasty stains on your car — especially original white/ light ones. If you haven’t kept precautions before Holi to ensure that your car stays safe during this festival of colours, no worries go thru the below tips, it will surely help you. Have patience to read the entire story...... What if you had to drive out somewhere on Holi? You obviously can’t drive with the car cover on, can you? What about the interiors? Fabric seats and leather upholstery can get ruined with colour, if you choose to sit in the car post wet & colourful Holi session. However, despite all precautions, what if your car does get doused in colour? What if you hadn’t taken any of precautions? Oh, the horror! Fret not, a lot can still be fixed. Post Holi Clean Up Act: Hope you have not let the car seat soaking in colour for too long. Wash the car with a suitable car shampoo. Vacuum and dry-clean the interiors. Household stain-removers will work on fabric seats, but not on leather. For leather seats use, cut a lemon in 2 halves and squeeze the juice in a small bowl and genteelly rub the stained parts with these cut pieces, if its effect is reduced, use 2-5 drops and apply locally, try again, if still not successful, don’t be after it, leave it for professional cleaning tobe done by car washers. Refrain from using domestic detergent powders, it will ruin entire polish of car. You can use anti-dandruff shampoos for stubborn stains. If it is still not manageable and colour stains have got embedded in the paint and don’t come off even after a good shampoo wash, you will need to take some remedial action. Get the car professionally buffed with a rubbing compound. Follow this up with a good coat of wax polish to protect the paint, as rubbing compound can thin out the top layer of paint, which is the clear coat. If you are not able to get the above done for whatever reason. A pressure wash with a good car shampoo post Holi is necessary to get left overs on the paint and it is especially good to get tires and inaccessible parts cleaned. This can be followed by a plain simple diesel sponging. Precaution during cleaning 1- Make sure that you don’t touch original papers of car like RC, Insurance, PUC and car manual. 2- Don’t be hard on stained surface, rub genteelly. 3- Use new papers carefully, as people tend to use them for wiping, its ok to use them on glass and mirrors, but refrain to use them on paint surface and interiors. 4- Cover the left-over stains with polythene to avoid colors transfer to your clothes.
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