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    How to take a perfect pencil impression of your vehicle’s chassis number Those of us who own vehicles in India and have been asked by Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) across the country to take pencil impressions of the chassis numbers of our vehicles know how imprecise and hard it can get to get a clean impression. The following is how I got a super-clean impression of the chassis number using a pencil, using fingers, and paper. Locate the engraved chassis number —  Most 2 Wheelers will have their chassis number embossed on the neck of the motorcycle under the handlebars. Most 4 Wheelers will have their chassis number engraved: 1- Usually it is under the car bonnet, either on the left side or center just beneath the windscreen. OR 2- Beneath driving seat, under the carpet. How to do it: Take a A4 size plain paper, preferably a thin one, but strong enough to bear multiple pencil strokes. Inspect the space where this chassis number is engraved. Accordingly cut this paper horizontally in seven equal strips. Make sure that it fits into the space. Use a lead wooden pencil of a suitable size, break or cut into two pieces if space is not enough. Smaller and blunt pencil is always good. Place the cutout of paper over the chassis number and rub your pencil over the paper to capture an impression nice and slow. You can use a torch or a mobile flash light to inspect if the impression is come correctly or not. Make sure that you don't your hands don't shiver and the strip remain aligned properly during the whole process. Congratulations! You now have captured a perfect impression of the chassis number.