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Home All Updates (76) por por portal is meant to be a common platform from where various online services provided to citizens, it is in development and implementation phase. For the moment, its services are being started for online tax payment of vehicles in some states including Maharashtra, after it's successful trial implementation in Uttar Pradesh. Prerequisite is digital records of RC of vehicle should be available with RTO. If it's not yet digitized, one can't pay tax online, they will have to go conventional manual way in respective office or get the RC and vehicle details digitized. Now, owners who have digital records can log on to the portal from any internet access point, and deposit their due taxes through net banking facility. This system will save them the trouble of physically coming to the transport office, RTO, while the department will be able to collect their taxes in a cashless and seamless way. Once the user logs on to the system and provides the required information about the vehicle, the software calculates and displays the tax amount payable. If the user accepts to make the payment, the portal redirects him to selected bank’s Internet Banking Site. The user then makes the payment from his bank account through secure Internet Banking. Once the transaction is complete, the software generates a detailed receipt, which can be printed by the user for his records. For checking the authenticity of receipt, the transport department officials will be able to cross-check the payment details by logging on to the portal using this web-based software. They can also view / print various reports which will be generated for officials of the transport department. That it, done... You have paid the tax. Easy, fast RTO seva, Tax payment done online.
  • 2018-03-20T07:20:40

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