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RTO Seva 4U - A Uniq
RTO Seva 4U - A Unique Start Up RTO is the place where generally public hesitate to go for any work. We have been in the business of helping them get rid of this fear. And now Govt. has also taking steps to form a cluster within RTO office with our same name RTO Seva Kendra. We are there to help govt. and public always. Key to our success is transparency, clear communication and a civilized behavior with all with standard pricing and procedures. As we are a startup, for all govt. tender eligibility, we can't meet. It's a sincere request to RTA / RTO / Transport Commissioner to look into it and give a chance to organisations like us which are fully dedicated and fully equipped with the RTO domain knowledge. We can act as authorized RTO Seva Kendra within and out side RTO as well, authorities should think of such arrangement if they are seriously looking to give general public a relief. Please get in touch with us @ 9082264979
  • 2018-05-17T08:58:01

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