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    The Rajasthan high court has directed the state government to cancel the licences of those caught talking on mobile phones while driving. It also directed the regional transport officers (RTOs) to initiate proceedings to cancel licences after providing the offenders opportunity for a hearing. A division bench of Justices Gopal Krishan Vyas and Ramchandra Singh Jhala issued the order on April 27 and sought a compliance report on May 22. “We are of the opinion that the drivers of four and two-wheelers are usually using mobile (phone) while plying the vehicles, which is not permissible under the law. More so, due to the said act of vehicle drivers, a number of accidents takes place, ” the court said in its order. The court further directed that if a driver is found using phone while plying the vehicle, “then after obtaining their photographs and other credentials, the same may be forwarded to the concerned RTO for cancellation of driving licence.” The transport department has been asked to initiate proceedings for cancellation of the driving licence strictly in accordance with law and after providing an opportunity for a hearing. Earlier, the Supreme Court committee on road safety had recommended suspension of driving licence for three months for five offences, including talking on mobile phone while driving. In India, use of mobile phone while driving is illegal under the Motor Vehicles Act. Prerna Singh, coordinator of Centre for Road Safety at Sardar Patel Police University, Jodhpur, said talking on mobile phones was a major danger to people’s lives on roads worldwide not just in India. “Use of mobile phone by even a pedestrian is bad for road safety, ” she added. Singh said that Rajasthan is probably the first state where the high court has issued such an order to ensure road safety.