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What to do when my vehicle's chassis is damaged ? One has to get the chassis replaced at an authorized workshop. Make sure that you get original directly from manufacturer. It may take some time to get it from manufacturer, as it is not practical for workshop to keep stock of all models. Take workshop letter specifying the changes and make sure to get their trade certificate as well. Take a letter from insurance company and if vehicle is under hypothecation, get a Concent letter from financial institution as well. Once it is replace, owner have to apply to the RTO for allotment of new chassis number. Usually agents will call it BT /BTI process. Once the application is accepted by RTO, they issue a new chassis number. This owner has to get engraved on the chassis of Vehicle and get it checked from RTO again. Once it's approved, RTO will amend your vehicle records in their system and issue you a new fresh RC which bear the new chassis number. Here, it complete the BR process.
  • 2018-02-14T18:41:30

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